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PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. is a company located in a small town in the Northeast of Slovakia it has been successfully building food machinery since 1972. The company is well-known as a manufacturer and supplier of machines and equipment for the meat processing industry, we offer machines individually or as part of a complete manufacturing line.


Speed Flakers

PSS SFs are designed for food industry operations for fast cutting of whole frozen meat blocks and other foodstuff with temperatures down to -25°C. PSS SFs ensure gentle and clean product cutting to small, medium and large flakes. The frozen meat blocks and other foodstuffs are put on the tilting loading table and they are automatically pushed towards the cutting drum, while the thruster ensures the optimal block position for clean and quality product cutting. On the PSS SF 820 2 blocks can be placed together longitudinally. High performance is also achieved by the cutting drum design, which processes blocks up to the standard dimension of 600x400x200 mm. PSS SF 620 has 7 knifes and PSS SF 820 has 9 knifes placed on the cutting drum which are as standard adjustable to 3 cutting thicknesses.

Meat Grinders

PSS RM grinders are designed for food industry operations for fast grinding of any fresh meat type. PSS RMs ensure excellent product quality from coarse to very fine grinding. Fresh meat is loaded to the PSS RMs hopper, where it is moved by two feeding worms (RM 160/3000). The material is pushed to the grinding set by the grinding worm. The required structure is achieved according to a choice of the grinding set.

Frozen Meat Grinders

PSS RMM Frozen Meat Grinders are designed for fast and gentle grinding of any fist-sized frozen meat with temperature to -10°C, as well as for fresh meat grinding. Putting them into operation is a guarantee for economic and practical use and achievement of the best results when grinding. The PSS RMM Frozen Meat Grinder guarantees excellent quality of the final product. The fresh or frozen meat is fed into the PSS RMM hopper, where it is collected by two specially designed worms. Then the material is moved towards the grinding set by the short grinding worm. The desired structure can be achieved depending on the composition of selected grinding set.

Speed Grinders

PSS SG Speed Grinders are versatile universal machines designed for fast grinding of any kind of fresh meat and other food products. PSS SGs allow coarse as well as very fine grinding and provides superior quality of final products. The machines guarantee effective and practical application and ensures high performance and reliable operation. Fresh meat, prepared for processing is fed into the PSS SGs hopper, where it is collected by the feed-grinding worm and subsequently moved towards the grinding set. The final product with the desired structure is produced according to the chosen grinding set. The quality PSS grinding system ensures smooth grinding, minimal wear and production of a premium quality product.

Speed Grinders Self-Feeding

PSS SGS Speed Grinders Self-Feeding are compact devices designed for fast and perfect grinding of fresh meat and other food products. By using the PSS SGS, a coarse as well as very fine grinding can be produced and in both cases the result is an end product of superior quality and excellent consistency. An effective, profitable and high-quality production is assured in food industry operations by using this machine. Fresh meat prepared for processing is fed into the PSS SGS hopper, which is equipped with a feeding wing. Its main function is helping the fast movement of processed material towards the grinding worm and subsequently to the grinding system itself. The final product of desired structure is obtained according to the choice of grinding set. The construction of the wing is designed in a way in which the slowly rotating wing ensures a steady and thorough material supply to the PSS SGS grinding section. The advantage of the wing is that it prevents the accumulation of large amounts of product in the hopper and increases the grinding capacity.

Speed Combi Grinders

PSS SCGs are designed for food industry operations for fast grinding of any kind of fresh and frozen meat as well as whole frozen meat blocks with temperatures down to -25°C. PSS SCGs ensure an excellent product quality ranging from coarse to very fine grinding. The frozen meat blocks are loaded into the SCG hopper, where they are broken by the feeding worm; this process brings about neither meat dust nor are any small pieces produced. Pre-ground material is moved towards the grinding head by the processing worm. A desired structure is achieved according to the choice of final hole plate. Separate drives with freq. inverters enable an independent control of each worm.

Universal Mixers

PSS UM Universal Mixers are used for effective mixing of raw and cooked pre-ground meat as well as mixing of other products and salad types. PSS UM Mixers ensure a quality and gentle processed material mixing. The result of the operation is a mixture characterized by homogeneous structure that has top quality. PSS UM Mixers are equipped with one level hopper, in which a product is gently mixed by rotating worms or paddles. Mixing depending on the processed product type and customer’s requirements. The product with desired final structure can be easily achieved by the practical inbuilt design function of the mixing paddles. The characteristic feature of the mixers is also simple and fast discharging of the mixed material and the reduction of final product residue in the mixer.

Speed Mixers

PSS SMs are designed for food industry operations for the fast mixing of any kind of product. PSS SMs ensure even and gentle mixing regardless of product structure. The mixers achieve the best mixing times thanks to its special design. The product is mixed up by maximally overlapping paddles in an almost square, two – level hopper. Rotating overlapping paddles gently move the product in every direction to deliver the desired final structure. The clearance between the paddles and the hopper is minimal so that there is no compression or squashing of product. PSS SMs also optimize fast emptying because of the two – level hopper, minimize final product residue and thereby significantly reduce operating time between batches, and can eliminate cross contamination, too.

Speed Mixers Vacuum

PSS SMVs are designed for food industry operations for the fast and quality mixing of any product type. PSS SMVs ensure soft and gentle mixing of products of any structure, where the avoidance of air intake is a condition for the product process by application of a vacuum system. The mixers achieve the best mixing times thanks to their special design. The product is loaded into the SMVs hopper that is then closed off by a vacuum lid. The product is mixed up by maximally overlapping paddles in an almost square, two-level hopper. The rotating paddles move the product in every direction there is no squeezing or squashing of the product. The result is a final product with an excellent consistency. The PSS SMVs are characterized by fast emptying and minimal final product residue which can cause a reduction of any cross contamination.

Speed Mixers Grinders Angle

PSS SMGAs are a modern combination of Speed Mixers and Speed Grinders. In the mixing section they ensure a gentle and quality mixing and in the grinding section an excellent product quality ranging from coarse to very fine grinding. PSS SMGAs are multifunction devices with a compact, space-saving design. The rotating overlapping paddles gently move the product in every direction to give it the desired structure. The grinding worm area is located in the bottom part of the two-level hopper, where the worm efficiently moves the material to the grinding set. The desired structure is achieved according to a choice of grinding set. PSS SMGAs are supplied with frequency inverters in both mixing and grinding sections, that enables speed regulation and excellent product structure.

High Speed Cutters

PSS High-Speed Cutters are designed for small and medium-sized food industry operations and are used for fine cutting, perfect mixing of pre-cut material and subsequent emulsifying of processed material. The PSS High-Speed Cutters manage a preparation of fine as well as coarse cut products and ensure their excellent quality. The quality PSS knife system characterized by the high cutting speed ensures very fast and uncomplicated processing of product. The original knife placement also ensures a lower noise level, minimal mechanical wear and the possibility of easy knife assembly and replacement. The PSS High-Speed Cutters assure excellent cutting results and the required final product quality. PSS K 120 F is equipped with a semi-automatic unloading device enabling easy and smooth unloading.

High Speed Cutters Vacuum

PSS High-Speed Cutters are designed for food industry operations for fine cutting, mixing and emulsifying of materials. PSS High-Speed Cutters master the preparation of fine as well as coarse cut products and ensure excellent final product quality. Easy and fast loading of the material into the machine is ensured by the high-level lifting device. PSS High-Speed Cutters are supplied with the quality PSS knife system that guarantees very fast product processing giving the desired quality for a wide range of products. The original knife placement is also a guarantee for minimal mechanical wear and a lower machine noise. The PSS unloading device enables fast and uncomplicated emptying.


PSS Microcutters are designed for food industry operations and are used for the finest cutting and subsequent emulsifying of material. The PSS Microcutter construction is so specifically designed that the devices can be practically used not only for meat cutting but also for preparation of pâtés, spreads and sauces of any kind or for fruit and vegetable processing. PSS Microcutters offer a guarantee of effective use because they ensure a continual process of fine cutting and emulsifying and significantly contribute to the preparation of structurally homogeneous mixture of excellent quality. The biggest advantage of PSS Microcutters is the low-placed hopper that enables uncomplicated feeding of the device. Two levels of cutting and high cutting speed ensure very fast processing and required product quality. The outlet pipe characterized by a possibility of rotation and position changing ensures smooth and rapid emptying. The PSS Microcutter includes a digital temperature sensor, whose function is the illustrative temperature recording of material in process.

Vacuum Fillers

PSS Vacuum Filling Machines are designed for perfect filling of soft meat products and other food products. They enable a continual filling process and metering of processed material. PSS Vacuum Filling Machines can operate continuously or in various pre-set batches. The devices ensure reliable operation and contribute to achieving a premium quality final product. Material prepared for processing, is fed into the hopper, where it is caught by two feeding worms and gently moved towards the metering pump. The vacuum system in the PSS Vacuum Filling Machines ensures prevention of possible air bubble creation in the product. PSS Vacuum Filling Machines are also characterized by minimal product residue after process.

Speed Fillers Vacuum

The PSS SFV Speed Filler Vacuum is a multifunctional device designed for medium and large operations in the food industry. It gives perfect filling of meat products and other food products. The device guarantees effective usage and ensures a continual process of metering and filling of processed materials. The processed material is fed into the hopper, where it is caught by two feeding worms that gently move it towards the metering device. The PSS SFV can also be used with the additional grinding attachment, which ensures quality final grinding and subsequent material filling into appropriate casings. The PSS SFV is as standard equipped with a vacuum system, which inhibits the possible creation of air bubbles in the final product.

Meat Tumbler

PSS MM Meat Tumblers are designed for food industry operations and their main function is fast and high quality massage, mixing and salting of processed materials in a vacuum. When using vacuum, the PSS MMs ensure thorough mixing of raw materials resulting in the release of natural adhesives and the subsequent improvement of bond in the product ensuring solidity when cutting the final product. The PSS MMs contribute significantly to the production of high quality products, which feature both excellent taste and good structure in the cut. The product which is prepared for processing is loaded into the PSS MM drum that is characterized by a large diameter, which means enough working space for product movement in the tumbler. The specially designed massaging blades with different speeds provide the quality product massage and thus guarantee the achievement of excellent results. The PSS MMs are characterized by rapid and perfect discharge resulting in minimal product residue in the device after processing.

Smoke Chambers

PSS SCH smoke chambers are designed for the food industry and meat processing operations and their main task is to be involved in the manufacturing of heat-processed meat and other food products. These devices greatly simplify the work mainly in meat production plants because they allow the heat treatment of smoked products in one complete production cycle, including reddening, drying, smoking and cooking. The PSS SCHs thus significantly contribute to the production of high-quality final products. Smoke chamber trucks, evenly filled with meat products which are ready to undertake processing, are pushed into the smoke chamber. There is a smooth transition of steam, smoke and air mixture through individual trucks in the chamber. By this process, the PSS SCHs ensure the steady flow and temperature distribution throughout the internal space of the chamber and subsequent achievement of increased quality of processed products. The smoke generator is part of the PSS SCH as well as the moistening system, which provides humidity treatment in the smoke chamber. The cleaning system ensures the perfect internal space cleaning. The PSS SCHs are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements and needs with left or right hand design of door opening.


PSS Giraffes (worm conveyors) are devices designed to transport processed material into appropriate machines. The Giraffes of type B can have the horizontal part easily detachable from the vertical part. PSS Giraffes can be used as supplementary devices to each machine individually or as a part of the production line, they largely contribute to the automation of production. Their main advantage is that they ensure the smooth running of production itself, and facilitate the work with the processed material. The saving of time, energy and the work involved is ensured thanks to PSS Giraffes. PSS Giraffes are supplied with a system of two worms. The material prepared for processing is fed into the PSS Giraffe hopper, from which it is moved fast and gently by the horizontal worm to the vertical worm and then to the outlet. The height of the PSS Giraffe outlet positioning can be adapted to individual requirements and needs of each customer.

Giraffe Silos

PSS GS devices are used for temporary storage of raw material before its further processing. After mixing or cutting, the raw material is temporarily stored in a silo, which then transports the raw material by a vertical worm for further processing. These devices have wheels with brakes so that they could be moved and disconnected during sanitation.


PSS S Silos are devices designed for short-term storage and dosing of feedstock for further processing to individual machines and equipment in the meat industry production. PSS S Silos can be used as a supplementary devices to single machines individually or as part of production lines, contributing highly to the automation of production. Their main advantage rests upon ensuring smooth production course itself.

Lifting Devices

PSS LD Lifting devices are designed for food industry operations for lifting and tipping of manipulation trolleys and plastic bigboxes. These devices significantly facilitate the handling of processed materials, which are conveyed to individual machines and devices by them for further processing. The trolley or plastic bigbox filled with a material is pushed into the tipping fork that fast and easily conveys the material into a machine, where it is further processed. PSS LD can be obtained in left of right hand design according to customer requirements and needs.

Turnkey Solutions

PSS SVIDNÍK, a.s. offers turnkey solutions to its customers. We meet with customers to find their requirements and desires and then we submit a tailor-made solution from our team design, who have long-term experience in this area. Our solutions allow detailed implementation of the customer’s plans utilizing the best arrangement and production flow at the client site. Our in house design / production team can deliver fully automated solutions – with optional software to monitor controls and report on the entire production process from start to finish on all our delivered devices.


Dawn Farm Foods Ltd.
Subject - Speed Combi Grinder 280
Date 16/02/2015

I can confirm we purchased a Speed Combi Grinder SCG280 from Global Food Technology in 2012. We based our purchase on what other equipment was available in the market place at the time and it was apparent that the SCG 280 offered more technological advantages over some of the competitors.

We also visited the facility in Slovakia and we were reassured with the level of technology they can offer and also the engineering design and manufacturing facility are very professionally operated. I would have no hesitation in recommeding PSS equipment for use with you application and if you have any concerns of wish to query anything further please feel free.

Kind Regards,
Dr Kieran Cunningham
Head of Engineering & Services

For another references and information, do not hesitate to contact us

Our company SAHA FARMS bought in summer 2011 the equipment for meat processing from the company PSS SVIDNIK, a.s.. It was High Speed Cutter K-120 F, Speed Mixer SM 700 with cooling system N2, Frozen Meat Grinder RMM 160 P and Lifting Device LD 350. We are very happy with all the machines and would like to thank you for supplying us very good working machinery and big support before and after the deal was signed. The machines are good designed for hardest needings in our big factory and of a high level technical solution.
It was pleasure to work with you, even though we had some doubts at the beginning. With all respect to your good work, we are looking forward to work with you for the future.

Kind Regards

For another references and information, do not hesitate to contact us!